Gnosspelius x STAC Animation

Collaboration between Staffan Gnosspelius (C4 FLOWERS)and ME!

This is one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved in because Staffan did ALL of the work. Sure I wrote the song but that was easy – my heart was hurting and a song came out. But what Staffan has done is an incredible feat.

It took him over 9000 drawings on 1 piece of paper and over 4 months to animate a 6 minute visual for my song HARP and it’s the most beautiful and affecting thing I’ve ever seen.

What do you think?


27/04/2018 The Herbaliser Support

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.47.47Hey you guys, hope you are all well!

I wanted to tell you about a gig I’m playing next week. Its a support slot for The Herbaliser at Village Underground and it’s something I’ve been looking forward to doing for AGES, so I would absolutely love to see your faces there if you can make it.

Here is the TICKET link – I’ve been told there aren’t many left at all, so if you do want to come grab them!

Hope to see you there ūüôā

Stac xx

STAC gig news!



Hello! How are you?

I¬†wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for supporting my PERPETUAL EP. I am a¬†VERY grateful woman, thank you ūüôā

I am also grateful to Huey Morgan who said that my music was “Deep like a threat” when he played Me and You on his 6 Music show, and then told me I was “…killing it girl” on Twitter. (If you could imagine his voice when you read those quotes I think that would be best for everyone. Also, do you like I how seamlessly got the Radio 6 play in there. You didn’t even notice. Not clunky at all… ¬† … ¬† …at all!)
And thank you to Julie Adenuga who gave a shout out to all the hippos when she played Hippo Love on her Beats 1 show.

There’s more gratefulness to come… My¬†launch party¬†sold out! This is still exciting for me to think about. So much so that Ive decided to be brave and organise¬†another night of music that I think is going to be equally as special.

I’ve¬†invited two of the coolest women I¬†know, Wyles & Simpson to join me on the 6th June at The NINES Peckham. I’ve also¬†forcibly encouraged¬†my dear¬†friend Jim to select some tunes for us to dance to.¬†¬†He moans about my¬†constant demands, but he loves it really. Truly.

You should¬†come! It’s a hair’s breadth away from summer and¬†it’s no longer acceptable to stay in, eating pizza in your pants on a Tuesday night. Sorry. You’ll just have to come see us play instead and take advantage of The NINES happy hour (until 8pm). Plus, my¬†Dad told me to tell you that the person who tells him the funniest joke on the night wins a pint! Wehey! He’s also asked me to ask you not to mention the competition.

Looking forward to seeing you in Peckham on the 6th!

Press this to get to the tickets!

Stac x

Perpetual Release Party!

Hi guys!

So I thought I should probably post about my EP launch party, which is happening tonight. Especially as Huey just played Me And You on his 6 Music Show. Im deep in the throws of rehearsing for tonights gig at Archspace but I got some very lovely texts from some of my friends and then I couldn’t feel my legs and had to do a dance.

There are a few tickets left still, so if you wanted to come here is the link! 

Stac_Perpetual_LaunchFlyer (1)

Hopefully see you tonight.

Stac xx

Beats 1 play!

Whoop Whoop!

Rehearsals are underway for my launch party on the 6th May (Can you come?), and I’ve just had some encouraging words and a radio play from the wonderful woman that is Julie Adenuga.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.51.19

She played my song Hippo Love (taken from my PERPETUAL ep) on her show and said that I sound like a flower. I will take that. I will take that and I will be very happy about it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.43.36

Click on the picture above and it will take you to her Apple Music show! Its a really good show and well worth a listen if you like to stay ahead of the London music scene game. That woman is ON IT.

Thanks for reading!

Stac x


Me and You Video

Hey guys!

One day not so long ago, me and a few friends made a video.

And here is that video!

Also, have I mentioned that I am releasing me EP on the 28th April through my new label 2 Points Records? Well its true! It’s a happenin’ and it’s called PERPETUAL.

And did I mention that I am throwing a launch party on the 6th May to celebrate it’s release? Well that’s true too!

I’ve got DANSU supporting and DJ sets from Blue Daisy and Wyles & Simpson and I am more excited about it than I am about Christmas – and that’s saying something.

Tickets are £6 and you can get them here.


Hope to see you there – and hope you like the video.


All The Anuarys

Im a bloody T-total vegan now – well at least for January.

I’ve decided to start my year as someone else that looks just like me. I think she’s a better person and I really hope to evolve into her because she gives a shit about her health, ¬†the world and all that populate it,¬†and isn’t drunk.


My bezzie Abi got married in 2015 and to be honest, I’ve been drunk ever since her hen in October. That’s an exaggeration but it has felt like it at times. There’s been so much to celebrate. Christmas, Christmas being over, the new year, ALL of the summer months, birthdays, holidays (I had four last year – I couldn’t afford any of them), my friend Angel’s hen, my friend Angel’s wedding, December, Christmas, New year. All the celebrating has shrunked my brian and expanded my waistline and Im done! Im done with being a slug. I try to do Dry January every year but I went to Cuba with Debbie last year. This is where I discovered beer, for Cubans can’t do wine and the cocktails were making us quite ill.

I LOVE Peroni. I want to drink it all the time. So I did. Now Im fat.


I watched Food Inc. a few years ago and it had a massive (albeit delayed) impact on me, and now I want to opt out of the factory farming industry and see how long I can not eat cheese for.


My friend V-Ron has a brilliant blog called Wrapped In Newspaper. Its so good. It’s the reason I felt brave enough to give Veganuary a try. So occasionally, from time to time I shall post my animal free adventures here.

Here’s the maple cinnamon granola I made, stuck in a jar, took a picture of and whacked 3 filters on… I am SO 2017.


I gave myself 10/10.

Stac xx

Merry Christmas BABY

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love the singing, the mulled wine, the cards, making presents, Christmas trees, lights, minced pies, the sense that people are trying their best not to be arseholes for at least two weeks and James Brown.

Have a very lovely Christmas and hopefully see you in the new year!

Stac xxx

Ps. That’s me and my mum. My mum dressed me so well when I was a cool little nipper. This was in the days before I had teeth that I needed to grow in to…according to my Dad, Santa.

Me and You by STAC

Hello ūüôā

It’s been a while. Im quite lazy.

I think my song Me and You is quite Christmassy. I think it’s the brass that helps to make me feel that way. Memotone (who co-produced it with me) says that it reminds him of summer. And THAT’S why we love music.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when Memotone sent me the first bounce of the final version of this song. I felt like a helicopter about to take off. I think I might have even cried a little, and I definitely couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m going to release it in February 2017, but for now here is the soundcloud link.

Many thanks to all those involved in the recording. I shall do a proper shout out later, when it’s all a bit more proper.

LOVE Stac xxx

OK Go – White Knuckles

Whoops. Even though its really un-cool and quite frankly uninteresting, I’ve only been rinsing Lewis Taylor for two whole weeks. Yes thats right. I’m a loser. But sometimes I can’t help it. It’s the ONLY thing I want to listen to and so everything else goes out the window.

So! In a bid not to bore you to tears, here is a video of lots of very well behaved and highly trained men with their dogs who absolutely steal the thunder of the actual music. Sorry OK Go, but you’ve shot yourselves in the face here – but I love it.

Awwwwww! Look at those pups!


Stac x