The Neville Brothers – Yellow Moon

Since Im faffing around not being ready to share any of my own music with anyone, I have decided to share somebody else’s music each week.

There’s not going to be an agenda, they are just going to be totally random tunes, and I have set myself some very strict Matthew Herbert type rules to adhere to.

1. Each week, I have to post a song that I’ve listened to more than 5 times during the previous week – no matter what it is.

…And they are the rules.

So my choice for this week is…

Yellow Moon by The Neville Brothers. I simply cannot get enough. Maybe it’s all the balmy nights we are having. The soaring tropical heat. The clear night skies pebble-dashed with stars. I don’t know what it is, I just know that it takes my ears on holiday for 3 minutes and that’s worth a share.


Stac x