STAC gig news!



Hello! How are you?

I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for supporting my PERPETUAL EP. I am a VERY grateful woman, thank you 🙂

I am also grateful to Huey Morgan who said that my music was “Deep like a threat” when he played Me and You on his 6 Music show, and then told me I was “…killing it girl” on Twitter. (If you could imagine his voice when you read those quotes I think that would be best for everyone. Also, do you like I how seamlessly got the Radio 6 play in there. You didn’t even notice. Not clunky at all…   …   …at all!)
And thank you to Julie Adenuga who gave a shout out to all the hippos when she played Hippo Love on her Beats 1 show.

There’s more gratefulness to come… My launch party sold out! This is still exciting for me to think about. So much so that Ive decided to be brave and organise another night of music that I think is going to be equally as special.

I’ve invited two of the coolest women I know, Wyles & Simpson to join me on the 6th June at The NINES Peckham. I’ve also forcibly encouraged my dear friend Jim to select some tunes for us to dance to.  He moans about my constant demands, but he loves it really. Truly.

You should come! It’s a hair’s breadth away from summer and it’s no longer acceptable to stay in, eating pizza in your pants on a Tuesday night. Sorry. You’ll just have to come see us play instead and take advantage of The NINES happy hour (until 8pm). Plus, my Dad told me to tell you that the person who tells him the funniest joke on the night wins a pint! Wehey! He’s also asked me to ask you not to mention the competition.

Looking forward to seeing you in Peckham on the 6th!

Press this to get to the tickets!

Stac x

All The Anuarys

Im a bloody T-total vegan now – well at least for January.

I’ve decided to start my year as someone else that looks just like me. I think she’s a better person and I really hope to evolve into her because she gives a shit about her health,  the world and all that populate it, and isn’t drunk.


My bezzie Abi got married in 2015 and to be honest, I’ve been drunk ever since her hen in October. That’s an exaggeration but it has felt like it at times. There’s been so much to celebrate. Christmas, Christmas being over, the new year, ALL of the summer months, birthdays, holidays (I had four last year – I couldn’t afford any of them), my friend Angel’s hen, my friend Angel’s wedding, December, Christmas, New year. All the celebrating has shrunked my brian and expanded my waistline and Im done! Im done with being a slug. I try to do Dry January every year but I went to Cuba with Debbie last year. This is where I discovered beer, for Cubans can’t do wine and the cocktails were making us quite ill.

I LOVE Peroni. I want to drink it all the time. So I did. Now Im fat.


I watched Food Inc. a few years ago and it had a massive (albeit delayed) impact on me, and now I want to opt out of the factory farming industry and see how long I can not eat cheese for.


My friend V-Ron has a brilliant blog called Wrapped In Newspaper. Its so good. It’s the reason I felt brave enough to give Veganuary a try. So occasionally, from time to time I shall post my animal free adventures here.

Here’s the maple cinnamon granola I made, stuck in a jar, took a picture of and whacked 3 filters on… I am SO 2017.


I gave myself 10/10.

Stac xx

Me and You by STAC

Hello 🙂

It’s been a while. Im quite lazy.

I think my song Me and You is quite Christmassy. I think it’s the brass that helps to make me feel that way. Memotone (who co-produced it with me) says that it reminds him of summer. And THAT’S why we love music.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when Memotone sent me the first bounce of the final version of this song. I felt like a helicopter about to take off. I think I might have even cried a little, and I definitely couldn’t stop smiling.

I’m going to release it in February 2017, but for now here is the soundcloud link.

Many thanks to all those involved in the recording. I shall do a proper shout out later, when it’s all a bit more proper.

LOVE Stac xxx

Lewis Taylor

Every 4 years or so I become obsessed with Jeff Buckley and then Lewis Taylor. I’ve just finished my 4th round of the Jeff Buckleys and so now I’ve moved onto the Lewis Taylors.

For those that aren’t familiar with Lewis Taylor, he was billed as the alternative blue eyed soul boy, next to Jamiroquai in the 90’s. He released his album ‘Lewis Taylor’ in 96, played Jools, got good reviews, yardah yadah blah blah and then recorded his 2nd album, which his record company refused to release because it wasn’t The Other Jamiroquai’ee enough. Chumps. That’s the gist that I got anyway. There’s not that much information on the internets since he deleted every trace of himself in 2006. He’s so cool.

That very same year (2006) my friend Prod asked me if I’d heard ‘Lewis Taylor’ and sent me Spirit, the a cappella that closes the album. I remember sitting at my desk at work and losing all use of my 4 floppy limbs. The last piece of music that did that to me was How To Disappear Completely – Radiohead. I guess Im just a sucker for beautiful melodies, a strong resolution and voices that feel like they are my heart talking to me from inside my chest – like no one else can hear them except me. I might delete that last line – might be a bit too much.

Anyway. I listened to the rest of the album and to be honest, at first I thought it was SO Swiss Fondue. Prod told me to stick with it. He told me to get past all the ‘baby’s’ (incidentally there are 15 in the first track alone) and to celebrate Taylor’s ability to add syllables to words where there are none (the D in find is not a syllable Taylor), and to make words like ‘headache’ fit over one syllable. The man’s a genius. I pushed through and I grew to love EVERYTHING about the entire record. I know it inside and out.

THEN! In 2012 (or something) my friend Jim asked me if I’d heard ‘Lost’ – The album that never came out! It had come out in 2006! I’d been living in the dark for 6 years! We listened to ‘Lost’ on a road trip, and then I subsequently listened to it every day for about a year. I now know it inside and out, and there is no way I could pick a favourite between them. They are so different.

I think that Taylor’s record company had no idea of his capabilities and no idea of his artistic creativity. I think they just expected him to make the same album again and not grow. It makes me sad that the label didn’t think that this album was worthy of a release. It absolutely was. It’s one of my favourite albums of all time and his story has had a profound effect on me.

Lewis Taylor, will you marry me. I mean I might as well say it. That’s what you are thinking right? That’s the power of music folks, and it’s one that should obviously never be constrained because the people with money don’t think they are going to make money.

WOW! I actually didn’t intend on writing an essay on Lewis Taylor. I must feel very strongly.

I’ve chosen Lucky from his first album as my song of the week. That guitar riff. All those Baby’s.


Stac x
ps. Lewis – Call me.

The Roches – Hammond Song

This song is bonkers. The more I listen to it the more I love it. It’s by The Roches – Three sisters from 1970s New Jersey who hit the big time when Paul Simon asked them to be his backing singers.

I don’t really want to say anymore because I really want you to listen to them with the same knowledge about them as I had. None. But what will say is this. Listen out for the point where the vocals stop and the guitar solo starts.


Stac x


William Onyeabor – Fantastic Man

Since I came to know you baby yeah
I’ve been telling you how sweet you are
I’ve been telling you how good you are

Now I want you try to tell me how I look
Tell me please tell me how I look

(You look so good
Fantastic man)

The question that every man wants to ask the lady he is courting. A double whammy of good music aaaaand good humour. My favourite. I love it when people don’t give a biscuit. Lewis Taylor is another one. His song ‘Please Help Me…Ifyoucan’ will never fail to satisfy that side of me. But it’s all about William Onyeabor this week.

William.  Thank you. You look so good, Fantastic Man.



My friend Debweiner put me onto this tune by BADBADNOTGOOD featuring Charlotte Day Wilson.

I really like the vocal sound they’ve used. And I also really like her voice and how they have ever-so-subtly doubled up her vocals on certain lines to add, as my ma likes to say, a little summin’ summin’ (She’s never said that in her life). I also think that unless you are Stevie, THIS is how to do a key change. And look how bloody young they are.

Actually, you know what…GETOFFMYBLOG – YOUMAKEMESICK.

(Not you – them)


Stac x

Prefab Sprout – Bonny

This is kind of a weird one. I’ve been really enjoying my Spotify Discover Weekly playlists. This song popped up and it was really familiar to me. I need to ask my folks if they know it, because I feel like I quite liked it when I was a child. Lets see when it came out. . .

1985. Hmm.

I like the guitar sound. And the BV’s. I imagine she had cropped blonde hair for some reason and wore a lot of black. Lets see…

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 12.26.31

I wasn’t far off.


Stac x

Dali and Disney

This one isn’t strictly a song.

If I set myself rules, I will always want to rebel against them.

Have you seen THIS>>>

Oh my god. The music. The Dali, the Disney. I’ve watched it every day since I found it. It’s so beautiful and emotive and the way the singer sings the word ‘recall’ is beautiful. And I love how fluid the animation is and how towards the end of the film the Disney choir of incredible singers come in and warble it along to 1940’s Disney Town. Im gonna watch it again. I need to get it out of my system.


Stac x

Jeff Buckley – Forget Her

I went to Finland this week and genuinely got excited about the prospect of posting my Song of the Week when I got home, which helped when we landed into the rain station that was Heathrow Airport that day.

Finland was beautiful! 10 of us stayed in a summer cottage next our own private lake (which definitely did not have any dead bodies in it).
Here is a picture of me and Holly Walker being rowed into glistening water lily heaven by our friend Eva, who has a very lovely back of her head and holds ores most elegantly but with purpose.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 13.34.57

Holly and I are both smiling at the idea of seeing a beaver. We didn’t actually see a beaver.

Anyway. On holiday we did a lot of singing as we were mostly all musicians, but that didn’t stop us from sounding like absolute morons when our friend Jim got the guitar out – after Veera had got the Gin out. One of my favourite moments of the holiday was singing all of Jeff Buckley’s album Grace with Jim. We used to do that all the time when we were young and it’s something that I’ll always remember fondly well into my twilight years.

So, I’ve chosen to post Jeff Buckley – Forget Her to mix it up a bit.

For me its all about the first verse and chorus. They make me furrow my brow, put my hand on my heart and shake my head in despair. I feel it Jeff. I feel it.


Stac x